Calling attention to America's identity crisis

About Tribalizing America
This web site is a consciousness raising effort to call attention to an imminent crisis in the American identity and reality. It seeks to bring to the fore the process of tribalization that is slowly but surely taking place in America and which threatens the unity and viability of America.

The web site was inspired by the book Tribalizing America: A Social Evolution of the American Society, published in September of 2004 by AuthorHouse. The book addressed important and sensitive socio-political issues facing America and the problems that derive from those issues race relations, immigration, multiculturalism, social justice, postmodernism, etc., from common sense and objective point of view.

These issues are controversial subjects on which everyone already has opinions and frequently approached with preconceived notions and passionate sentiments. However, many of the issues the book raised have come to pass, since it was published and in recent times, and many of the recommendations it made are already being implemented by the Federal Government. of course, this is not to say that those federal government implementations were necessarily inspired directly by the book. Nevertheless, the book presented an accurate assessment of the issues and their implications, as evidently the immigration issues, the national language issue, emegerging delivery system for Islamic terrorism (i.e. home grown terrorists), etc.

The goal of this effort is to challenge people's assumptions, the inclinations and motivations that inspired those assumptions, and to awaken Americans to the realities of the potential outcomes of the issues raised.

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