Calling attention to America's identity crisis

A Tribute to America
The bedrock of America’s success and greatness is the rights of individual citizens, as guaranteed by the Constitution, and the loyalty of those citizens to the single national entity - the United States of America. America’s democracy and prosperity remain unparalleled by any other, at least in recent history, primarily because of the underlying principles upon which America was founded. These principles are fundamentally based on individual rights and freedom, rather than group or collective rights. They derive from the providential ideal that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights”.[...More]

America's Identity Crisis
Identity crisis is rooted in the observable quality of personal sameness and continuity, whether the personality is a human being or a country, the result is the same.

According to psychologist Erik Erikson, identity crisis is the most important conflict human beings encounter when they go through the developmental stages in life. Erikson suggested that people experience an identity crisis when they lose "a sense of personal sameness and historical continuity". This is also true of societies and that is precisely what America is experiencing now, as it is on the verge of being pulled apart by the demands of "multiculturalism" that has only shown to be deleterious to the unity and the perpetuity of the providential experiment called America. [...More]

Nationality infidelity
It is impossible to love two countries equally, just as it is to two masters or two wives equally. One cannot pledge allegiance to two different ideals or countries and remain faithful to both - the idea of multi-national citizenship is nationality infidelity, no less than marital infedility. Whether we admit it or not, it is low level treason.

Divided loyalty is worse than no loyalty.[...More]

Love Her or Leave Her
Every immigrant came to America for a better life; in other words, we all came here because, one way or another, it is better than where we came from. It is, therefore, contrary to reason to seek to transform America into what we escaped from or attempt to transfer to America the failed or failing values or ideas from the cultures from which we came and for which we left in the first place. [...More]

The folly of multiculturalism
Multiculturalism as it is sought in America today, is a harbinger of tribalism or “ethnicism.” It possesses intrinsic potential to produce a social consciousness similar to tribalism, because it is simply a social concept where many cultures exist in divergent parallels within a particular society or social setting. The contemporary profuse concept of multiculturalism lacks objectivity and is in direct conflict with common sense and the basic concepts of unity.[...More]

E pluribus unum or E unum pluribus?

America's national motto is Out of Many, One, but is it effectively or in reality becoming Out of One, Many? As more and groups seek semi-autonomous identity that promotes their particular ethnic groups or ancestral homelands in competition with America and often over and above America, the real American identity continues to be diluted and washed away.

One would wonder if the entity symbolized by the prefix in the growing hyphenated American identity, such as Saudi-American, Asian-American, Chinese-America Korean-American, Palestinian-American, Mexican-American, Hispanic-American, African-American, Muslim-American, Iraqi-American, Iranian-American, Seik-American, Jordanian-American, Syrian-America, Kuwaiti-American, Indian-American, and hundreds more such lexical compounds, does carry more political weight and command more patriotism than the United States of America, represented by the suffix; it certainly seems that way sometimes.

The lack of integration in America, fostered by profuse multiculturalism and schizophrenic political correctness presents a serious potential problem to American democracy and continued viability. America is in danger of becoming fragmented in ways much similar to the tribal social structures that hinder democracy in many regions of the world and has kept them stuck in unending anarchy engendered by deep division along tribal or ethnic lines.

Increasingly, America is practically being turn apart, gradually but surely, as the old melting pot has essentially become the salad bowl, with irreconcilably incongruent content, so to speak. As more and more groups riding the tide of multiculturalism, refuse to integrate, but would rather exist seperately, by recreating the replicas of the disparate hinterlands from which they came, bringing about parallel cultural exsitence in America. They seek to carve up America by carving out cultural enclaves, hence tibes, for themselves, to represent their ancestral homelands. The problem with this development is that it is a process of tribalization. After all, a tribe is essentially a social group made up of people having a common character or culture, which they are inclined and determined to preserve and advance, in competition with different sets of common character or culture advanced by other social groupings.

Sometimes, it feels like America is the other the United Nations. But, we don't need another loosely and inefficient network of ethnic groups.

Basically, immigration or movement of people into and out of a place is how ethnic groups (people with differing ancestry and ways of life came to find themselves in the same place). This was how older societies ended up with tibes - people with differing cultures or ways of life. The convergence of people with different cultues has frequently been because of trade or to escape nature's sometimes inhospitable dispositions and escape economic, political or social adversity.

These same circusntances are brought America, but until now, America has been different from every other land where people from different ancestry and cultures have converged. The singular element that has been responsible for America's uniqueness in the world, empahsis on individual rights, whereas everywhere else where people have congregated, emphasis has been on groups.

Tribalism is a social concept rooted in the idea of societal groups marked by shared tradition or cultural characteristics.

Here is why I believe America is undergoing a process of tribalization - a process towards a self destructive social change:

Emerging Dominance of Group Rights
Heightened Ethnic Consciousness
Cultural Divergence (Profuse Multiculturalism)
Politics of Ethnicity
Politics of Numbers
Multi-National Citizenship
Excessive Group Allegiance
Extreme Political Correctness

America! America! God shed his grace on thee!

America is a providential idea, indeed a providential experiment. In all of human history, before and after America, there has never been any other country quite like America; in the making of it - the ideals that inspired it. The Ideals that brought about America as a nation unlike any other are intrinsically and inextricably bound to the immutable worth of every human being. That idea, inspired the declaration of independence and the constitution. It is the idea: …that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Freedom is marvelous thing, but it is such a delicate thing. For a free man freedom is even more delicate; for he fights for freedom, for which he may die and a dead man has no need for such freedom. Nevertheless, a free man would die for freedom, because freedom by its nature makes free people altruists.

Many such people have bled and died that others might live in freedom. Those who live in this freedom must always remember that it is not free and must not use it to divide America. Freedom come with responbilities, the most paramount of which is to preserve the America that many have died for. Abraham Lincoln, once said, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

How could America possibly lose its freedom, you might ask; by using freedom illegitimately and in a way that causes America to lose its unity. Such is the increasing dynamics of the aberration of America's democartic and political institutions that are increasingly appealing to politics of ethnicity by virtue of the political numbers game and excessive group allegiance.

The book: A consciousness raising effort to call attention to an imminent crisis in the American identity and reality.It addresses the most important and sensitive socio-political issues of our time — race relations, immigration, multiculturalism, social justice, postmodernism, etc., from common sense and objective point of view. These topics are controversial subjects on which everyone already has opinions and often approached with preconceived notions and passionate sentiments. [...More]

A nation of 300 tribes?
Imagine that? Well, it is no longer farfetched, it is now quite realistic. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, published on August 22, 1999, which noted that California alone is now home to recent immigrants from nearly 200 nations. What will become of America, when the old melting pot is no longer, but becomes a salad bowl?

As the wind of change sweeps in divergent culturalism (profuse multiculturalism), may of which are diametrically opposed to the core America ideals, America has embarked on a slippery path that leads to a steep slope that is even more slippery.[...More]

The Babel Syndrome!
A common language is a key to national unity. Language is perhaps the primary element of a society and the primary method of communication among people in the society. It is a very powerful tool that can unite or divide to the same degree. The starting point or foundation for social integration is perhaps a common language. Without it, the process would be like making bread, bricks, or concrete with little or no water. In a sense, language is equivalent to the arteries and veins (perhaps, in another sense, like the blood) in the human body, through which the essential elements are distributed, the essence sustained, and the body maintained. [...More]

Political correctness unmasked
Racial or gender discrimination is morally wrong, must never be tolerated and must be eradicated from the society, hence the merits of the idea of political correctness.

But to the extent that political correctness is the tool for establishing group rights over individual rights, as evident in the emerging hyphenated identity of Americans and a tool for dismantling real morality (Judeo-Christian morality) and for advancing vague and fluid morality or cultural and behavioral relativism, political correctness is a fraud with deleterious effects on society.[...More]

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