Calling attention to America's identity crisis

Nationality infidelity
It is impossible to love two countries equally, just as it is to two masters or wives equally. One cannot pledge allegiance to two different ideals or countries and remain faithful to both - the idea of multiple nationality or citizenship is nationality infidelity, no less than marital infedility. Whether we admit it or not, it is low level treason. Divided loyalty is worse than no loyalty.

Having said that, I must also say that it is not wrong to recognize and support one’s ethnic group or ancestral homeland when and where appropriate, but it is wrong to do so at the expense of America, if one is an American. To favor an ideological group, ethnic group, or ancestral homeland more than America, if one is an American, can only mean one of two things: that one is not a truly an American or that one only seeks to exploit America.

Hence, there are people who claim to be Americans but speak and act in ways that prove otherwise, ways that suggest or indicate that they are Palestinians, Arabs, Mexicans or Chinese first and Americans second. There are Arabs and Muslims who claim to be American citizens but are committed to destroy America for the so-called Palestinian or Islamic cause.

Many people that came to America and more who seek to come, are coming as economic prospectors and not necessarily for the ideals upon which America was established and by which it has thrived. In many ways they came to exploit those ideals. Many of them say they became or seek to become American citizens to take advantage of the economic, social and political benefits of citizenship, not because they believe in the American ideals and would want to support them. They have no desire to invest in those ideals and to uphold them, hence their unwillingness or refusal to fully integrate.

As with all immigrants that have come to this so-called country of immigrants, these people left their countries of origin to escape social crisis, political discontent, and economic hardship. But unlike earlier immigrants they do not wish to truly become part of the "melting pot". Of course, there is nothing wrong in not wanting to become an American citizen, but to dubiously pledge allegiance to America by becoming an America citizen only for money is shameful and treacherous.

There are even people who come with Islamic a fundamental religious imperative; islamic expansionism. They come with a religious mandate to conquer America by Islamization, a part of the overall goal to conquer the Western world for Islam, as a necessary means to the so-called "final solution".

This mandate has been viewed by some of them as a call to arms or the second jihad, against the infidels. They see America as a land to be taken (conquered for Islam), and the best means to achieve their objective is to take America on from within, by using America's strength (core values) against her, i.e. exploiting her civil liberties and other means that abound herein to America's detriment.

They believe it is only a matter of time, considering the moral decline of the American society and the great apathy that now grips the once dominant American Christians. In fact, it is said that they have set a goal to plant a Mosque in every twenty square miles in America and to establish all-Muslim communities all over the United States. One of such community, called Dar al Islam, is already in existence in New Mexico.

Bankrolled by supposedly America's allies, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait which have committed 7 billion dollars to spread Islam in America, the effort is moving with full speed.

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